The Ardhakuwari Temple is a unique and special place of worship for devotees of the divine mother Vaishnodevi. Located at the midpoint of the pilgrimage route to her shrine, the temple serves as an important stopover for pilgrims on their journey to the Bhavan. It is believed that Mata Vaishnodevi herself took rest in this cave for nine months before finally making the Bhavan her abode.

The entrance to the Ardhakuwari temple is a narrow door carved into the cave, which is 15 feet long and often too narrow for visitors to enter. But according to popular belief, if Mata Vaishnodevi grants her mercy, the door will open wide and visitors can enter.

The Ardhakuwari temple holds great religious significance to devotees of Mata Vaishnodevi. It is believed that the goddess stayed in the cave for nine months before being seen by a saint. The story of how the door to the cave opened also has a unique background: it is said that once Bhairon was chasing after Mata Vaishnodevi, she ran away and opened the cave for her own refuge.

The Ardhakuwari temple continues to be an important stopover for pilgrims on their journey to the Bhavan and a place of solace and worship for devotees of Mata Vaishnodevi. This temple serves as a reminder of the divine mother’s strength and kindness, and of the power of her grace and mercy.