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Ain Dubai
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Ain Dubai Entry Tickets

Timings : 11:00 AM- 9:00 PM (Sunday- Saturday)

Duration:  38 Minutes

About Ain Dubai Entry Tickets:

Ain Dubai is one of the largest, most incredible man-made attractions in the world, a colossal Ferris wheel offering the most breathtaking view of the city’s shimmering skyline from towering heights. Bluewaters Island is the man-made island, home to Ain Dubai, that is the very symbol of Dubai’s meteoric rise in a mere few years – an outstanding accomplishment unmatched by any other nation.

The towering, 258-meter-tall Ferris wheel stands as the tallest in the world and offers a majestic view of the city from inside the air-conditioned cabins, which give a 360-degree panoramic view. With the surreal views, the Dubai skyline looks pristine with skyline of the Palm Jumeirah and the Dubai Marina on one side and the iconic seven-star Burj Al Arab hotel stands tall on the opposite side. What a pleasing sight it is especially during sunset or the night hours!

The engineering marvel of this observation wheel was made possible by the collaboration of world-class architects, engineers and many more experts and a team of dedicated workers who worked around the clock. Teetering high above the ground, Ain Dubai offers a truly thrilling experience that can not be replicated anywhere else. It’s such an awe-inspiring experience to see Dubai’s man-made architectural wonders up close, and at over 250 meters of height you get an entirely different perspective.

What is more special about a tour to Ain Dubai is that it is set in Bluewaters Island, an incredible man-made area jam packed with world-class entertainment, entertainment and leisure. There is no place like this island in the region. In addition to Ain Dubai, Bluewaters Island also boasts a variety of fun activities and world-class shopping, dining, and entertainment experiences as well.

In conclusion, Ain Dubai is a must-see for every person visiting Dubai and its stunning cityscape. From the distraction of the bright lights of the city below, you can have a remarkable experience on the grand Ferris wheel, an experience that you will never forget. You and your loved ones will be enriched by the spectacular view, as well as the extraordinary experience of being in the clouds.

A Thrilling Adventure: Experience the Magnificence of Ain Dubai :

  • Experience the stunning view of the island as you soar high above the rest and explore the captivating landscape with a panoramic view. So don’t waste any time and head over to this beautiful destination to take part in an unforgettable experience.
  • The magnificent ride is of 38 minutes with breathtaking panoramic views Dubai.



  • Enjoy the Ride of a Lifetime on the World's Biggest Ferris Wheel - Ain Dubai.
  • Fly High and Catch a Glorious Glimpse of Dubai's Skyline from 250 Meters Up.

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Ain Dubai
Ain Dubai


What is Ain Dubai?

Ain Dubai is the world’s largest observation wheel, located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. At a height of over 250 m (820 ft), it offers an unparalleled experience of the city’s skyline, surrounded by a picturesque, tropical lagoon.

How does Ain Dubai work?

Ain Dubai is a Ferris wheel-like structure, with a hub and 32 capsules, each capable of accommodating up to 10 people. The wheel rotates at a leisurely 1m/second, offering magnificent views of the city and its surroundings.

How long does one ride on Ain Dubai take?

Rides on Ain Dubai last approximately 30 minutes.

Is there an entry fee for Ain Dubai?

Yes, there is an entry fee. The cost varies depending on the time of day and number of passengers per capsule.

Is the ride on Ain Dubai wheelchair accessible?

Yes, Ain Dubai is wheelchair accessible and special capsules are available for use by disabled visitors.

How many capsules does Ain Dubai have?

in Dubai has 48 capsules, each of which will accommodate 40 passengers.

What is the capacity of Ain Dubai?

Ain Dubai has the capacity to accommodate up to 1,920 people per session.

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